Jamper - Java XML Mapper


Jamper is a Java based application for creating data transformation rules. It is a graphical tool that greatly simplifies the creation of those rules by using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Transformations are created simply by dragging lines between nodes.

It is capable of loading XML schemas, instances and XHTML documents. Therefore, it is possible to transform any of these document types into another. For example, a simple XML document can be transformed into an XHTML web page.

The easiest way to use it is to drag source file to the left tree and destination file to the right tree. Then simply use drag-and-drop from one tree to another to create links. If the source file is an XML instance then it will automatically be set also as a test file.




JDK 1.5


Work on this project continued after a long time of innactivity. It still does not have a version, but we hope that 1.0 can be declared soon.


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Map View Complex expression designer Map View Complex expression designer Line type Rendered HTML

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